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About Us

Tree Care is Our Passion!

We are a trusted name in tree care service.

Being a stalwart in the tree-care industry we dedicate ourselves to render eco-friendly tree trimming and landscaping services of premium quality. Reliability, consistency, and ensuring customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of our professional ethics. Hence, over the years we have built a famed market reputation based on customer goodwill that sets us apart from other service providers. Our multi-speciality services are inclusive of customized trimming, mechanized removal, and grinding of stumps, landscape beautification. We don’t get complacent with customer satisfaction but aim for customer delight. Hence, we give our best shot at service every time you request. Our operational procedures are simple without any hierarchical complexities pertaining to order placement and service delivery. The proprietor individually supervises the entire process.

Employees and customers are our most valuable resource in this business. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their safety. We follow industry standard safety practices and cover every nook from which disaster may set in. Till date, we have a cent percent safety record with zero casualties on the mutual side. Safety of the trees, and cleanliness of the premises is fully assured in our service offerings. We customize trimming procedure based on a tree’s unique requirements.

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We are specialized in

Our service package is highly diversified to suffice the variable requirements of customers. Whether it’s a sapling or a giant we can deal with trees of any size. In this prolonged tryst with the industry, our professionals have developed an eye for detail. We conduct an on-site examination to bring into light safety and health issues that your tree is experiencing. Amidst the din and bustle of fast paced urban life, we offer tree management plans which are a complete one stop solution for ensuring a beautiful landscape. Customization as per budget is the best part of it.

Why Hire Us?

We are the most cost efficient option for high-quality tree care service. Our rich customer base is a happy lot which exemplifies our capabilities in renovating a landscape post service. Prior to commencement of our service, we offer a free consultation that includes price estimation and identification of issues that require attention. If you think about tree care, think about us.

At Environmental Green Tree Care, Tree Removal is one of the services we offer. Removing trees is not something we like to do, but need to do in certain cases, where the tree poses a threat to the safety of property and people. Whatever be the reason for removing a tree, we like to replace them. We have a wide selection of trees and we can offer them to you for free! All we ask from you is to give us your email address or contact information, so that we can stay in touch.

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